Friday, July 30, 2010

How much does custom framing cost?

Daily, we have calls asking for a quote on framing a picture. Most people who call for a quote have never been to a custom framer so they are unfamiliar with the selection process. The key here, though, is the opportunity to earn a new customer through a very vague price quote that will never be accurate. If we say, for instance, her framing will be around $100, and she has already called someone else who said it would be around $80, then the customer may go to the "other place" even though their selection and expertise are both lacking. On the other hand, if we quote $100 and she comes in and the actual price is $150 or more, then the customer may be skeptical even though we were adamant when giving the phone quote, that the price will likely be different. Then, there's the 3rd hand which says, don't give quotes over the phone. A potential customer who bases it all upon a price before coming in has no concept of the potential beauty. On the other hand, if we get the customer in, we may be able to begin the process education. On the other hand, if she is basing her decisions upon price, then can she be swayed to appreciate the beauty of her framed piece. So, I still haven't answered my own question.