Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Friday

In case you are not local or even if you do live in upper East Tennessee and just didn't know, every month at Nelson Fine Art we have an artist reception on First Friday. In our area, we started First Friday as a means of regularly introducing the community to the art of this region. Our first official First Friday was in December 2001 and featured local photography as well as the sculpture students of East Tennessee State University. Although we estimated the attendance of that first reception to be around 500 we have steadily and tirelessly grown the event and introduced artists to the community every month since then. Using rough math skills that is almost 100 openings and averaging 6 artists per reception comes to around 600 artists. Now, First Friday is an event embraced by all of our downtown. The streets are closed off, artists often set up in the street, there are usually 5-6 bands either in the street (weather permitting) or in the restaurants or night spots and there is usually some kind of special event (pet parade, street painting, cornhole tournaments, theater productions, etc.). Here are a few photos from April 2 inside Nelson Fine Art. More information can be found here.