Sunday, August 15, 2010

Using fillets

When a framer builds a frame for your artwork, he/she will build it slightly larger than the piece to go into it. That's called the "allowance" and the industry average is 1/8". The reasons for an allowance are many, but mainly to allow for expansion and contraction over time of the mats, artwork, or frame. It also allows a framer differences in calibration between mat cutters, glass cutters and frame building. When we use a fillet(some say fill-AY and some say FILL-it) in your mat or frame, there is no room for allowances. Everything must be exact. A fillet creates a very custom look and will make a simple plain framing into a showpiece. Expect it to be a little pricey, but I've never had anyone say, "darn I think it would have looked better with it." Here's a nice video from one of our suppliers on use of fillets.