Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My daughter is a 26 year old doctoral student in CA. A couple of years ago at Fathers Day, she said "I was going to give you a 'Worlds Greatest Dad' t-shirt but I found out they made more than one." A fathers day gift should be unique. Framing makes it personal. A photograph on a piece of paper is a picture of a child. When you frame it it becomes your grand daughter, Avery ( or your daughter, son, wife, grandmother, etc.. you get my point).  We can connect to it if we make that picture special. A tie is a piece of an outfit that Dad has to wear to work. Finding that first tie he wore to his first day of work AND framing it--- THAT is a memory.  In a drawer, a baseball glove takes up space. Framed, it is transformed into that memory of playing catch in the back yard.  Your challenge is to find that object in Dad's top dresser drawer or in the back of his closet and turn it into a memory. Father's Day is June 17th!