Thursday, November 13, 2008

Opening post

Nelson Fine Art
324 East Main Street
Johnson City, TN 37601

When you enter Nelson Fine Art, your first and hopefully lasting impression should be that this is a total Arts Center (total square footage is about 8000). That is to say, the goal of the Nelson is to offer as many arts related activities as possible. First view in the front door is the exhibition hall. Each month you will find a different artist or artists' works on display. Since beginning the gallery part of Nelson in 2001, we have shown hundreds of different artists' works in monthly shows that open on First Friday. On the immediate right is a full service coffee bar, Gallery Coffee and Tea. What better place to get a latte or fine brewed cup of coffee than in a gallery. Beyond the exhibition area and up the right side of the gallery are individual gallery vignettes (booths) that are leased to various artists. Each vignette is designed and outfitted to suit the individual artist. On the left center side of the gallery is the custom frame design studio. Within this studio are nearly 1500 frame samples as well as close to 2000 matboard samples. Since 1990, Nelson Fine Art and formerly Lady Bug Gallery have framed more than 25,000 "projects." As noted in the "about us" section, custom framing supports all activities inside Nelson Fine Art. In the rear center is Artopia, an outstanding art supply store owned and managed by artist/art educator, Becky Mallory. Artopia caters particularly to the needs of art students from the surrounding universities and colleges. On the left rear of the gallery are 2 studios and a lunchroom. Beyond Artopia and through the rear doorway is the frameshop where all the custom framing work takes place. Soon, we will post photos of each of these sections so you can see better how the Nelson is truly a total arts economy!

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