Friday, December 26, 2008

Framing sale....

SALE ENDED. Here is the newest installment of our blog framing sale! This is what you do... you bring in your item to be framed, leave it with us and go home. We pick out the framing and call you when it's complete. For your trust, we give you 30% off your order. Why would we do this? Well, we have around 10,000 feet of picture frame moulding in stock as well as hundreds of sheets of matboard. We will use inventory to do your framing. It's that simple. And don't worry, we'll call you with a price before we frame it. If you have control issues, this may be a little difficult for you, but keep in mind, owner, Dick Nelson has been framing for 18 years, Blair White has been here for 3 years, and Stacie Williams has been designing and framing for 5 years. Deadline for this sale is January 31. After that date, we'll take down this sale. Simply print out this blog post or mention it when you bring in your artwork.

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