Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cheap Price

I went to the local "mall store" and said "I want a navy Armani suit." The salesperson said, "That will be $1000." To which I said, "But at Sears, I can buy a navy suit for $200. I want all the quality, design, and features of the Armani for the same price." What do you think the salesperson said to me?

One of the common obstacles in custom framing is price "comparisons." It is so easy to look at 2 similar framings and wonder why one costs more, maybe a lot more, than the other. I can't speak for any other custom framers, only Nelson Fine Art and Tree House Custom Framing. You will never find corrugated cardboard in anything we do. The only mats and backing we use are conservation grade. On top of that, you get the experience and expertise. We've been framing for more than 20 years. The 2 shops have combined 66 years of existence. We read trade publications on framing, color, design and trends. We can do budget, but we also guide you to excellent framing decisions.

Besides, do you want the cheapest?

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