Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Custom Framing

In the 19+ years that I have owned a custom picture framing business, I've never seen the nature of the market change like it has in the past 2 years. Sometimes I wonder if people will stop having things framed. Of course, that's the extreme worrier in me. But, it is a good indicator of the priorities at least in this market in which we operate. In the past, that thought never even floated through my noggin. If you'd told me 5 years ago that Essyx, the oldest framing business in Johnson City, TN, would go out of business, I'd have laughed. Now, the doors are locked and there are 4 framers in a town that just a few years ago supported 8.

Our gallery is fortunate that we have more than one source of revenue although the framing is 75-80%. If it wasn't for framing, we'd have no art gallery or regular receptions for artists. So if you like what we're doing in the art community and you can't buy the art, keep us in mind for custom framing. It keeps us open and bringing local art to the community.

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