Monday, March 30, 2009

Brew Plum-coffee, tea, and atmosphere

About 5 years ago, my good friend, Duke, asked me if I'd ever thought about selling coffee inside Nelson Fine Art. My answer was, "about everyday." When he offered to lend me his coffee kiosk we were unsure what was ahead. Now, that little kiosk has evolved into a full line coffee bar. I'm really jumping the gun a little because it's yet to be evaluated by the Health Department, but construction-wise it's done. Brew Plum is the newest addition to the Nelson Fine Art Center. Kate Pierce with several years experience in the "coffee business," will be running the new endeavor. Until we are given the green light for the full line espresso drinks, Kate will be brewing and serving the richest coffees around. Some of the finest locally roasted (Maryville, that is), Vienna Coffee Company offers us the freshest, tastiest beans to be found. For the present, Brew Plum will be open 9 a.m. until 5, but Kate has plans to begin evening coffee times to include Mom's Knit Out, Poetry reads, writers groups, and book clubs. By the way, the sign above is a temporary one we made with our Wizard computerized mat cutter. The final product will be up soon.


p.a.turner said...

hey Mr. Nelson!
I'll have to get me some of that coffee next time I come by!

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